Everest Summit

May 14, 2023 - 29,032'

Any Mountain had a remarkable year.

This past April 2023, twenty ovarian cancer survivors, healthcare providers and care-givers took an epic journey to the Everest Base Camp in the name of a world without ovarian cancer.

On May 14 2023 (Mother’s Day) Jess Wedel became the first ovarian cancer survivor in history to summit Mt Everest – 29,032 feet elevation.

Together, we raised over $500,000 for ovarian cancer awareness, prevention, and early detection research.

This journey was not without sacrifice and hardship.

Two members of our team had to be evacuated by helicopter before reaching the base camp and one member from the basecamp itself. Three Sherpa from Imagine Nepal (our Nepalese trekking company) died in a tragic accident the day before we arrived at base camp. One of our survivors who had trained arduously and stayed in Nepal for 2 months, made the wise but very hard decision to stop her summit bid and come home safely.

But despite these challenges, we had an experience that will live forever in our memories and hearts.

Together we brought national attention to the Ovarian Cancer cause as thousands of people followed our climb and were inspired by the resilience of our survivors.

Here is a break-down of what our team accomplished together.

  • Over $500,000 total raised
  • More than 700 people donated between
    $10 – $75,000 dollars
  • 8 fund-raising and awareness events (New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Alaska)
  • 40,000 people reached directly on Any Mountain social media & >100K via our team links
  • 2 new music videos produced and 7 original songs released (Listen Here)
  • Debuted the Any Mountain SOULBRIGHT Show for a full house at Beartooth Theatre Pub in Anchorage (Watch Here)
  • Garnered national media coverage:

Our Dream Goal of
$29 Million

The research money raised went to the Any Mountain Expedition research team lead by Dr. Elizabeth Swisher from University of Washington and Dr. Karen Lu from MD Anderson. The allocation of research funds is being overseen the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance under the leadership of their Executive Director Kathleen Gavin.

In the months and years to come, we will move Any Mountain forward, we will continue to climb towards our dream goal of $29 million dollars – enough to SUMMIT the Everest of ovarian cancer and tackle other very steep challenges in gynecologic cancer. With enough funding dedicated to ovarian cancer early detection and prevention research, we could develop an early detection test, change surgical standard of care with risk reducing removal of fallopian tubes, and implement affordable universal genetic testing to identify those at risk. These three strategies could END ovarian cancer as we know it.

We hope that our Everest quest will be the SPARK that lights this fire, and will inspire many to others join our climb and give generously into the future. If we can do that, we can create a world without ovarian cancer.

Any Mountain was built on the foundation of years of community organizing, academic development, creative expression, arduous medical training, sacrifice of loved ones, loss of too many lives, and absolute determination to never give up.

There will be new mountains, new quests, new creativity, and tremendous views from the summits we gain.

Up Next

Mt. Baker Climb

Join and experience an exclusive mountaineering fundraising program designed to give you the training, technical support, and guide services you need to summit mountains safely. This climb is open to all who are ready to take on the challenge of summiting a mountain.

Funds raised by participants will go directly to ovarian cancer early detection and prevention research awareness efforts.