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Any Mountain Expedition Team

The Any Mountain project is dedicated to funding research on the prevention and early detection of ovarian cancer. This research is being conducted by an incredible team of gynecologic oncology leaders from around the country.

We are creating the first international surgical ovarian cancer prevention trial which could revolutionize how women choose to decrease their risk of ovarian cancer. Next up: novel efforts to improve early detection, treatment and prevention.  

Any Mountain is expressly committed to ending racism within healthcare and beyond. Research priority will be given to projects addressing intersections of racial justice and ovarian cancer. Ending racism saves lives.

“My love you were with me, right by my side. Acting really tough, trying hard not to cry. You said to be strong, we’ll fight this head on. Take a leap of faith, and the journey’s begun.”


The Any Mountain project is made possible by Let Every Woman Know – Alaska and the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

Logo for ovarian cancer non-profit Let Every Woman Know-Alaska

Let Every Woman Know – Alaska

Let Every Woman Know – Alaska is dedicated to raising awareness, sharing information and saving lives by educating people in the Last Frontier and supporting women living with gynecologic cancers. It’s an Alaska-based non-profit, founded by Dr. Joanie Hope, which provides creative state-wide education, support, advocacy, and arts programs unique to the state’sdiverse communities.

Logo for ovarian cancer non-profit Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance

Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance

The Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MOCA) is one of our key partners and committed to responsibly managing the funds raised for ovarian cancer research through the Any Mountain project. MOCA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to funding ovarian cancer research, providing support to the women and families affected by ovarian cancer, educating the medical community, and raising awareness of ovarian cancer.

“Been two years now and I’m still cancer free. I know I should be happy, but I don’t feel at ease. I need a vacation, from my life as a patient. Refuge from the steady blast of cancer’s damnation.”