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Know Your History. Save Your Future.

Founder & Creative Director

Dr. Joanie Mayer Hope

Dr. Joanie Mayer Hope wrote and recorded the Any Mountain song in 2017. Two years later, she collaborated with her colleague, Dr. Elizabeth Swisher, to form an ovarian cancer research team and turn Any Mountain into a movement. Dr. Hope is also a founder – and former lead vocalist – of a rock band made of gynecologic oncologists called N.E.D. (No Evidence of Disease), which is committed to raising awareness for gynecologic cancers.

  • FOUNDER—Any Mountain
  • FOUNDING PARTNER—Alaska Women’s Cancer Center
  • DIRECTOR OF GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGY—Providence Alaska Cancer Center & Alaska Native Medical Center
  • PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD—Let Every Woman Know – Alaska

Listen to the Any Mountain Song

Any Mountain uses creativity and technology to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and the genetic risks that increase your likelihood of disease. Know your history. Save your future.

Producer Mario McNulty | Vocals Dr. Joanie Mayer Hope, Melissa Mitchell, Kat Moore, KJ Denhert, Ari Jazz Mayer Hope | Thanks to the incredible musicians who collaborated on the Any Mountain song.

Screenshot of Any Mountain Song music video.

The Any Mountain project started as a song, written by Dr. Joanie Mayer Hope. It tells the story of diagnosis, treatment, and survival of ovarian cancer from a patient’s perspective. Dr. Hope was inspired by the many powerful applications of music in telling stories of struggle and survival.

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“Things were just fine, life going good, career on my mind. One day I woke up, felt a bit queasy, really uneasy… began to lose weight, my belly blew up and I just couldn’t think.”

Meet the Creative Team

Any Mountain Video

The Any Mountain music video, produced by Spark Media, tells the story of a patient’s ovarian cancer journey featuring the amazing talents of the Underground Dance Company, hip hop dance sensation Bri Pritchard, and hundreds of ovarian cancer patients and supporters. The video highlights the cultural and majestic diversity within Alaska interweaving the ovarian cancer journey with Alaska Native culture, urban and military influences, and the majestic Alaskan wilderness.

Karen Simon, Spark Media
Director of Photography
Matthew Wachsman
Bryan Pentecostes, Xpreshun Films
Gabe Harvey
Bri Pritchard
Connie Sankwich
Underground Dance Company
Alaskan Cancer Community
Alaskan Film Locations
Anchorage, Alyeska Resort, Bethel

“When I looked in the mirror, all I could really think, was whose body is this? Whose body is this? Whose body is this?”

Coming Soon for Any Mountain

Any Mountain Album

The Any Mountain album is currently underway and will commence recording under the production of Mario McNulty in New York City in fall of 2021. The album will have 12 original songs, which expand on the theme of daring to ascend your personal Everest. The songs reflect the struggle, hope, love, loss, resilience, dreams and courage it takes to fight cancer. It also explores the connection between the woman taking the journey and her family, friends, and community.

Any Mountain Show

The Any Mountain show will follow the release of the album. It will be a powerful and uplifting live multimedia performance, utilizing music, dance and spoken word to illuminate the journey through ovarian cancer. The show will explore themes of hope, struggle, community and survival with poignancy, passion and humor. The Any Mountain show will debut in Alaska in March 2022, and be available for national bookings from May 2022. It has the flexibility to incorporate local talent and survivors.

Any Mountain Talks

The Any Mountain Expedition Team members and patient advocacy group leaders will be invited to give talks around the United States about ovarian cancer prevention and early detection. In addition to this, Dr. Joanie Mayer Hope has created a 45-minute lecture entitled Mobilizing Creativity to Impact and Engage Cancer Communities which introduces the Any Mountain project and weaves together ovarian cancer and health care with the power of creativity.