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We are climbing the Everest of ovarian cancer, and the world’s tallest mountain stands at 29,029 feet. It’s huge, but it can be summited if we put just one foot forward at a time. The Any Mountain Expedition Team, a unique group of leading ovarian cancer specialists, will use funds raised to reach the pinnacle of cancer research: PREVENTION and EARLY DETECTION.

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You Can Help Us Reach the Summit

Every donation pushes us one step closer to finding the answers we need to change the future of ovarian cancer. The Any Mountain Expedition Team is a unique group of ovarian cancer experts from all around the United States. Their research into detection and prevention will save countless lives.

  • Provide access to genetic testing
  • Increase awareness about cancer risk (particularly for diverse communities)
  • Develop better predictors of risk for sporadic (non-inherited) ovarian cancer
  • Develop an early detection test
  • Research on new surgical options to prevent ovarian cancer in high-risk women and preserve ovarian function longer

Our Creative Projects Also Save Lives

We are passionate about raising awareness about ovarian cancer detection and prevention, especially in diverse communities. Our creative projects play a key part in educating people about the risk factors, including the family cancer histories. Help us spread the message to every woman.

Any Mountain Album

The Any Mountain album is currently underway and will commence recording under the production of Mario McNulty in New York City in fall of 2021. The album will have 12 original songs, which expand on the theme of daring to ascend your personal Everest. The songs reflect the struggle, hope, love, loss, resilience, dreams and courage it takes to fight cancer. It also explores the connection between the woman taking the journey and her family, friends, and community.

Any Mountain Show

The Any Mountain show will follow the release of the album. It will be a powerful and uplifting live multimedia performance, utilizing music, dance and spoken word to illuminate the journey through ovarian cancer. The show will explore themes of hope, struggle, community and survival with poignancy, passion and humor. The Any Mountain show will debut in Alaska in March 2022, and be available for national bookings from May 2022. It has the flexibility to incorporate local talent and survivors.

Any Mountain Talks

The Any Mountain Expedition Team members and patient advocacy group leaders will be invited to give talks around the United States about ovarian cancer prevention and early detection. In addition to this, Dr. Joanie Mayer Hope has created a 45-minute lecture entitled Mobilizing Creativity to Impact and Engage Cancer Communities which introduces the Any Mountain project and weaves together ovarian cancer and health care with the power of creativity.

Financial Accountability

Funding for the Any Mountain project is managed by the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MOCA).

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  • 75% of the funds will be awarded to the Expedition Team for research
  • 15% of the funds will be awarded to the non-profit Let Every Woman Know – Alaska for outreach, awareness, creativity, and technology
  • 10% of the funds raised go to the MOCA for financial and grants management services. 

MOCA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and donations are eligible for charitable tax deduction in accordance with IRS regulations.

Early Detection is Everything

About 20% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer have a hereditary tendency to develop the disease. Early detection is everything. Take the quiz to find out if you are at risk.

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