Climb a Mountain. Make a Difference.

September 6-10, 2024

Any Mountain Mt. Baker Climb

This September, Jess Wedel will lead our Any Mountain team up Mt Baker as we climb towards a world without ovarian cancer.

Join and experience an exclusive mountaineering fundraising program designed to give you the training, technical support, and guide services you need to summit mountains safely. This climb is open to all who are ready to take on the challenge of summiting a mountain.

Funds raised by participants will go directly to ovarian cancer early detection and prevention research awareness efforts.

Join The Climb

Prevention is the tallest goal of any cancer. Ovarian cancer – the deadliest women’s cancer – has no early detection test or universal means of prevention.  Last spring, we sent a group of ovarian cancer survivors, medical providers and caregivers to the rooftop of the world and put the first ovarian cancer survivor on top of the 29,029 foot summit.

We strive to raise 2.9 million dollars for ovarian cancer prevention and early detection research and awareness.  We hope to bring awareness about ovarian cancer risk to 2.9 million people.

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Future Climbs

Mt. Rainier

June 2025

This will be a 5 day trip led by the professional mountain guides at RMI.
Tentative schedule:
D1 Arrival and orientation
D2 Mountaineering day school
D3 Climb to Camp Muir
D4 -5 Additional training and summit bid

This trip is tenatively scheduled for 6/27/25
Minimum fundraising for this trip is $10,000.

Everest Basecamp

April 2026

A three week trek on the Goyko route lead by professional American and Nepalese mountain guides.

Everest Basecamp Gokyo Lakes Trek via Chola Pass is an exciting trek to Everest Basecamp that takes us via Namche Bazaar and then up to the sacred lakes in the stunning Gokyo Valley. Here, we climb Gokyo Ri, one of the finest viewpoints for a panoramic view of Mount Everest (8848m) and surrounding mountains, including 8000 meters mountains Cho Oyu and Makalu. The journey to base camp continues as we cross into the Khumbu Valley through Cho La (5420m) and ultimately ascending Kala Patar (5550m) for incredible views of Everest and the astonishing Khumbu Icefall. Climbers will have the option of continuing on to Climb Lobuche, one of the 6000m peaks in the Khumbu Valley.

This trip will have a minimul fundraising goal of $15,000.

We Rise Together!

Together we can RISE
to prevent ovarian cancer.
Together we can RISE
to the summit of Everest.
Together we can RISE
to climb ANY MOUNTAIN.

Rise was written by ovarian cancer survivor Vickie Tinker and recorded in her honor by her doctor and friends. 

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Summiting Ovarian Cancer
Through Creativity & Research

Our creative projects play a key part in helping us raise awareness and spread the message to every woman.

There is an incredible team of gynecologic oncology leaders from around the country leading our research efforts.

Our Everest Team is literally summiting Mt. Everest to raise funds and bring awareness to the fight against ovarian cancer

Early Detection is Everything

About 20% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer have a hereditary tendency to develop the disease. Early detection is everything. Take the quiz to find out if you are at risk.

You Can Help Us Reach the Summit

We have always said that this project is like climbing the Mt Everest of ovarian cancer. It’s huge, but it can be summited if we work together and just put one foot forward at a time.

Every donation pushes us one step closer to finding the answers we need to change the future of ovarian cancer. The Any Mountain Expedition Team is a unique group of ovarian cancer experts from all around the United States. Their research into detection and prevention will save countless lives.

  • Provide access to genetic testing
  • Increase awareness about cancer risk (particularly for diverse communities)
  • Develop better predictors of risk for sporadic (non-inherited) ovarian cancer
  • Develop an early detection test
  • Research on new surgical options to prevent ovarian cancer in high-risk women and preserve ovarian function longer

Contact Us

Want to get involved? Have questions? Submit the following form to reach us.


All funds raised through the Any Mountain project are managed by LET EVERY WOMAN KNOW-ALASKA, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. That means your donation will be eligible for a charitable tax deduction in accordance with IRS regulations.

  • 75% of the funds will go to the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MOCA) to be awarded for research by the Expedition Team.
  • 15% of the funds will be awarded to the non-profit Let Every Woman Know – Alaska for outreach, awareness, creativity, and technology
  • 10% of the funds raised go to the LEWK for financial and project management services.