Ovarian cancer researcher Dr. Joanie Mayer Hope

Know Your History. Save Your Future.

Alaska Gyn Oncologist Tackles Ovarian Cancer Prevention with Research, Music, and Dance


Dr. Joanie Mayer Hope, a leading gynecologic oncologist and talented musician, is blending creativity and technology to launch a unique initiative designed to save American lives. The effort, called Any Mountain, uses music, dance, and spoken word to fund groundbreaking research into the prevention and detection of ovarian cancer, which claims nearly 14,000 lives every year.

The extraordinary project is a collaboration between Let Every Woman Know – Alaska (LEWK) and the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MOCA). It brings a fresh approach to cancer fundraising.

Any Mountain actually started as a song. Written and performed by Dr. Hope, it tells the story of diagnosis, treatment, and survival of ovarian cancer from the patient’s perspective. Dr. Hope was inspired by the many incredible and powerful applications of hip-hop music in telling stories of struggle and survival. The professional recording, mixing and mastering was completed in New York City in 2017 with the help of renowned producer Mario McNulty, and many other collaborators.

The song, and its remarkable music video, prompted some of the nation’s leading ovarian cancer researchers to join together and create the Any Mountain Expedition Team (AMET). The AMET will receive 75 percent of funds to research and develop methods of early detection and prevention of ovarian cancer, while 15 percent will go toward creativity projects and 10 percent to administration.

“It’s the fifth-deadliest cancer for women, even though many cases could be completely prevented. The lack of prevention strategies, early detection methods, curative treatment options, public education, and research funding makes the need for innovative action paramount,” said Dr. Hope.

“This collaboration is committed to climbing the Everest of ovarian cancer through creativity and research. Every step we collectively take up the mountain brings us closer to the summit, and the first step is to make sure people know their family cancer histories, so we can save their future.”

An estimated 21,750 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year. Incredibly, however, researchers say that more than 20 percent of cases could be completely prevented if people understood their family cancer histories and were able to take prevention measures early.

There three simple ways you can help save lives:

  1. Download the Any Mountain song on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and SoundCloud.
  2. Download the Any Mountain app, which will take you through a simple family cancer history and help people at higher risk access local healthcare resources and get genetic testing.
  3. Donate to support AMET’s groundbreaking research and fund creative projects raising awareness about the importance of knowing your family cancer history.

Know your history. Save your future. Join the climb.